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Lipotherme is a lipolysis laser system. This technique is a safe, effective and minimally invasive procedure which targets localized fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise, by using the thermal effects of laser, and leads to a skin tightening.
The lipolysis laser is an advanced technology in the treatment of localized fat deposits. The laser energy is delivered by the optic fiber which is introduced in the hypodermis and allows an elevation of temperature. This volumetric heating launches the process of destruction of fat cells (adipocytes), initiates a skin tightening and decreases side effect thanks to the coagulation of small vessels.

• Easy to perform treatment
• Local tumescent anesthesia
• Small incisions
• No traumatic procedure
• No post operatory heavy effect
• Minimal downtime
• A durable skin tightening


GPS: Assisted laser lipolysis Lipocontrol - is the new advanced device that allows optimization in the treatment of localized fat deposits.
Thanks to its revolutionary and patented technology of control and regulation, the laser system shows an accurate and controlled on-screen amount of energy delivery for maximized results.

Lipocontrol offers :

• Real-time visualization of the area to be treated on the screen, thanks to its tracking system, by magnetic field

• Automatic adjustment of laser power to compensate the movement of cannula:
- Laser power increased as speed of cannula increases, decreases as cannula slows down
- Laser power shuts off whenever the cannula stops moving over treated area


• On-screen energy mapping which shows distribution energy in real-time for optimization of results. The visualization allows an homogenous distribution and avoid over treated areas.
Lipocontrol offers the possibility to work in superficial plans and stimulate the collagen production with total safety and control.


Lipocontrol allows the reshaping of specific body areas: love handles, hips (small), abdomen, stomach, back of arms, gown bulge, back, knees, ankles, inside thighs, chin, bra strap...
This technique is also recommended as a complement to liposuction to tighten the skin.


Laser: Diode Lasee
Wavelength: 980 nm
Power: 25 Watts
Emission Mode: Continuous, regulated
Laser Class: Class 4
Dimensions: 180 x 70 x 64 cm
Weight 65 kg