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SygmaLift is a combination of High Intensity Focal Ultrasounds Lines, Circular Micro Focal Ultrasounds and Intensive Cold Laser.

SygmaLift brings you high performance skin lifting in combination therapy:

  • Focal lines of ultrasound for modeling, HIFU can concentrate up to 1000 intersecting beams of ultrasound energy with extreme precision on a target depth in the body. Where each individual beam of focused ultrasound passes through the tissue, it has a progressive thermal effect down to the adipose tissue to stimulate fat lyses.
  • Three Micro Focal ultrasound, to stimulate in triple focal pulsed mode at various depth in the skin for regeneration of tissue.
  • Intensive cold diode 635 nm laser for toning and glow. 

The HIFU lines probe provides faster treatment, greater precision, longer-lasting results and a unique solution for sub mental fat, facial lifting and rejuvenation. In addition, there is no pain, no surgery and no injection for your patient.