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iScan is designed to elevate the eye exam by leveraging next-generation, software-guided scanning technology. iScan includes a full suite of retina, optic nerve and anterior segment scans with normative database comparison.


With a small footprint and portable design, the iScan system simplifies OCT technology, making it accessible to a range of eye care professionals in any practice setting. With Optovue’s proprietary iWellness scan, iScan guides the patient through the entire exam and requires minimal operator involvement.


The optional iWellness scan provides a cross-sectional view of the retinal layers, a retinal thickness map and a ganglion cell complex map. These outputs enable the doctor to identify signs of disease or otherwise confirm a patient’s ocular health.

The Avanti wide field enface OCT system provides 40* (12mm scan) quick 70,000 A-scans/sec. Avanti is  a full comprehensive system for managing retina, glaucoma, and anterior segment with the aid of sharpView Edge technology. SharpView Edge is a technological combination of eye tracking, smart motion correction, deep choroidal imaging, and noise reduction technology to provide highest quality imaging with deeper and wider scan length.


• 40° Enface OCT reference scan
• Multi-layer Simultaneous enface assessment
• 3mm scanning depth
• Widefield scanning of high myopic eyes
• Image choroid and vitreous in a single B-scan
• High Density Cube – 320 x 320 3D Cube with SmartTM Motion Cancellation
• High-speed – Higher quality data in less time
• Real-time VTRAC Eye Tracking – higher repeatability
• High Resolution – 3µm digital
• SharpVue – unparalleled detailed images
• DCI– Deep choroid Imaging
• FLR– Fovea Location Recognition
• Advanced OCT imaging platform for future generations of clinical applications


The ANGIOVUE Imaging System is the only commercially available, dual-modality OCT system capable of imaging and displaying function and structure of the ocular microvasculature - through a non-invasive procedure. 


The ANGIOVUE Imaging System can be integrated into an existing Avanti platform, and is available in two configurations: Retina and Multispecialty. It has 5 key features:


  • Split-Spectrum Amplitude-Decorrelation Angiography: Uses motion contrast to detect flow by taking 8 consecutive OCT B-scans at a single location, and then comparing each OCT scan with the subsequent scan.


  • En Face 3D Visualization: Enables 3D and depth-resolved visualization of the various anatomic layers of interest, including the superficial capillary, deep capillary, outer retina, and choroidal capillary.


  • Motion Correction Technology (MCT): developed in collaboration with MIT, this technology is used to remove motion artifacts such as saccades.


  • CUDA Parallel Computing Platform: with an operation time of just 10 seconds, dramatically reduces computation time needed to correct motion artifacts post data acquisition.


  • Spectral Domain OCT System: offers A-line detection without moving mechanism, inherently more stable platform for OCT-Angiography, less repeated scans, and refined user and patient interface for optimal clinical usage.

iVue is an easy-to-use Spectral-Domain OCT for clinical practices which comes complete retina, glaucoma and anterior segment scanning. Its streamlined user interface, small foor print, and familiar slit lamp style delivery design all contribute to fast and efficient clinical use and patient throughout.


iVue Scanner:

OCT Image: 26,000 A-scan/second
Frame Rate: 256 to 1024 A-scan/Frame
Depth Resolution (in tissue): 5.0 µm
Transverse Resolution: 15 µm (retina)


Scan Range:

Depth: 2- 2.3mm (retina)
Scan BeamWvelength: ƛ= 840 ± 10 nm
Exposure Power at pupil: 750 µW
OCT Fundus Image (En Face):
FOV: 21° (H) x 21° (V)
Minimum Pupil diameter: 2.5mm
External Image (Live IR)
FOV: 13mm x 9mm
Patient Interface:
Working Distance: 22mm / 15mm
Motorized Focus Range: -15D to + 12D


Option 1: All In One Computer
21.5° Display
Windows 7°, i5 Intel Processor
4GB Memory
500 GB Storage


iFusion combines the best of Spectral-Domain OCT and Fundus imaging by adding the powerful OCT capabilities of iVue and high quality imaging from iCam on a single, integrated, versatile platform that will add value to your practice. iVue is the compact version of the RTVue OCT, offering the same scanning speed and resolution as the larger system, that includes scanning and reports for retina, retina nerve fiber and cornea assessment by the clinician. The iCam is a color, non-mydriatic fundus camera offering high quality color images in a simple, compact and affordable device.