Ophthalmology . PlenOptika

Introduced as the first wavefront aberrometry based portable Autoref, QuickSee by Plenoptika measures the refraction with the highest similarity to the subjective manifest results.

Due to its technology and independent dual light tubes, QuickSee performs simultaneous binocular measurements in just 10 seconds. The Binocular scope design allows the patient to comfortably hold the device, in any light condition, look straight towards a distant object while the operator adjusts the PD.

Versatility, compact design and real shock proof feature allow the device to be used as a quick and truly reliable screener for different circumstances. Opticians would benefit for fast customer turnover in their shops. The device will also benefit doctors who want the ultimate solution for their patients depending on their special case. Remote medical expeditions will highly rely on such a device for fast refraction measurements dedicated to a high patient load.