16 FEB2015

Medicals International renewed its donation to the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon for the next 2 years with a Twinkle Star in its name as part of the CCCL Wishing Stars program. The program is designed to financially support the treatment of children with cancer at the center. You can find out more about the CCCL and its support programs by visiting their website (www.cccl.org.lb).


As part of the initiative to support children fighting cancer, Medicals International has also been marketing its Biomedics 1 Day line of daily contact lenses with the cause in mind. For years now in Lebanon, each purchase of a box of Biomedics 1 Day contributes $1 in support of the CCCL.


Medicals International is rooted deeply in the cause to fight cancer as well as others. You can learn more on our CSR here.