3 JUL2015

SERVO-u and SERVO-n ventilators from Maquet have won the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Award (MDEA).

The Maquet SERVO-U® and SERVO-n® critical care ventilators have won the Gold Award in the category “Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Products” as part of the 2015 Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) from over 100 entries in 10 medical technology product categories. Products were judged based on design and engineering innovation; function and user-related innovation; patient benefits; business benefits; and overall benefit to the healthcare system.

SERVO-U and SERVO-n, high-end Intensive Care ventilators, are designed to enhance user confidence by introducing context-based guidance, decision support, and the possibility to educate users directly on the ventilator.

The pioneering design offers a modern user experience and a completely touch-based interface, which empowers users to manage ventilation in a highly intuitive, straight-forward and timesaving manner.

Check out more about the SERVO-U and SERVO-n at the following link: http://www.medicalsintl.com/Technologies/criticalcare/Maquet/Intensive_Care