20 JAN2016

Medicals International is now the official distributor of HOYA Lenses in Lebanon.

Founded in 1941, HOYA is a Japanese multinational med-tech company and leading supplier of innovative and indispensable high-tech and healthcare products based on its advanced optics technologies. HOYA is active in two main business segments: the Life Care segment deals in healthcare-related products such as eyeglass lenses as well as medical-related products such as intraocular lenses for cataract surgery and medical endoscopes. The Information Technology segment handles electronics products (e.g. mask blanks and photo masks for semiconductors and LCD panels, glass disks for HDDs) and imaging-related products (e.g. optical lenses, lens modules and micro lenses for digital cameras and smartphones).


HOYA develops technology with the aim of supporting its clients: opticians who want to be sure they are selling the best available products, and people who desire natural, crystal clear vision at all times. HOYA has achieved worldwide fame for the complete range of products and services it offers, and has rapidly become a one-stop-shop for many optical practices.

Find a wide array of HOYA lenses available in Lebanon only through Medicals International:

- Progressive lenses

- Single vision lenses

- Photochromic lenses

- Special coating

... and more!

To place your orders, please contact Medicals International Lebanon: Tel: +961 4 530630 Fax: +961 4 532311 or email at news@medicalsintl.com