30 NOV2014

Medicals International held a booth at the Dubai Vision X 2014, one of the region's biggest optical and vision care events that attracts global companies and eye care professionals from around the MENA every year.


The event this year took place on November 25-27 at the Dubai World Trade Centre and hosted more than 250 global brands with the support of Medicals International as one of the companies featuring a speaker, Dr. Liliane Tanal, OD.


On November 26, Dr. Tanal gave a lecture entitled "Fitting Challenging Cases" troubleshooting the management of post-rings, post-refractive, and distorted corneas with ingenuinely-designed contact lenses including the Rose K family, Ultrahealth, and others. The talk attracted more than 50 listeners who were amazed by the features and solutions offered by the contact lenses discussed.


The Medicals International booth this featured Biofinity toric, Eschenbach products, UltraHealth, CAPTIV8 among the many other of the innovative MI brands.