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The world's favortire handpiece autoclave.
STATIM 2000 benefits

  • Ultra-fast 6 minute unwrapped cycle
  • 14 minute wrapped cycle
  • Exceptional instrument turnover
  • 10 minute Dri-TecC drying technology
  • Single use water
  • Aseptic transfer of instrument directly to the point-of-use
  • Reduced instrument investment

the STATIM 2000 boasts a 6-minute cycle, but has the added advantage of employing a fully removable chamber so you can aseptically transport a set of freshly sterilized instruments directly to the procedure area.

The STATIM 2000 is fully automatic. Simply select one of the three sterilization programs and with a single touch of the keypad, begin the cycle. An advanced microprocessor controls all functions and maintains optimal sterilization conditions, from start to finish.

SciCan's STATIM cassette sterilizers have a biological effectiveness that has been proven in tests for hollow and solid instruments



STATIM 5000 benefits

  • Ultra fast 9 minute unwrapped cycle
  • 17.5 minute wrapped cycle
  • Exceptional instrument turnover
  • 15 minute Dri-TecR drying technology
  • Single water use
  • Aseptic transfer of instruments
  • Reduced instrument investment

The perfect blend of speed and capacity, the STATIM 5000 features a cycle as fast as 9 minutes with a sterilization chamber approximately three times the size of the 2000 model. This larger capacity cassette provides rapid high volume throughput sterilization with cycles up to four times the speed of common conventional autoclaves. The STATIM’s one-touch keypad offers a choice of four fully automated sterilization programs.

Aseptic transport:
Similar to the STATIM 2000, the STATIM 5000 also employs a removable cassette, allowing
dental practitioners to transport sets of freshly sterilized instruments to the treatment rooms
safely and aseptically.

  • 12 minute unwrapped cycle
  • 15 minute wrapped cycle
  • 12 minute Dri-TecS drying technology
  • Internal water filtration system allows for tap water
  • Sterilizes up to 10 pouched packages
  • Holds two 8”x11” instrument management cassettes
  • RFID seal technology
  • Easy serviceability
  • Removable water reservoir

Built for the highest turnaround efficiency, the STATIM 7000 is the ultimate in speed and capacity. It exceeds the overall throughput of most conventional autoclaves, making it the perfect choice for any busy practice.

Cutting edge technology
Employing SciCan’s proprietary filtration system, the STATIM 7000 reservoir can be filled directly from the tap, eliminating the need to buy distilled water.

The STATIM 7000 cassette is equipped with a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) tag to log the cycle data and alert you in advance whenever the seals needs replacing.

STATIM 2000/5000 G4

The STATIM 2000/5000 G4 is the upgrade for the STATIM 2000 and 5000 with these additional features:




A large 3.5” high-resolution touchscreen offers a vivid display of messages, current cycle information and customizable colours all with extraordinary clarity. Fully adjustable contrast levels let you optimize the screen to the lighting in your steri-centre.




Using PPPD technology and our patented steam injection process – air is automatically forced out of the sterilization chamber.




Patient safety relies on attention to detail. The STATIM G4 supports verifiable processes that are PIN protected with user-defined IDs so that staff members can be required to authorize a cycle. This encourages extra attention to process and creates a safer environment for both staff and patients.




An undocumented sterilization cycle might as well not have been performed. With each cycle, information must be stored to protect your office and your patient. The integrated DataLogger stores all cycle information for the lifetime of the unit, which is accesible through multiple channels such as: a USB port for manual retrieval; an Ethernet connection for web based archiving or desktop printing; or a RS232 port for an external printer option.


The BRAVO fractionated vacuum chamber autoclave continues the SciCan tradition of being at the forefront of innovation and technology. BRAVO incorporates both pre-vac (to remove air) and post-vac (to help drying) cycles to ensure perfect steam penetration for any load. BRAVO is true to the STATIM reputation for speed, providing rapid cycles for all types of instrument loads.


Filling and draining:
The BRAVO chamber autoclave has a number of filling and draining options making it the ultimate, versatile autoclave for every practice.


The STATIM 6000B is a compact 6-litre autoclave with fractionated vacuum technology. It is designed with flexible loading, shorter cycle times and enhanced digital capabilities. Indeed, the drawer-style autoclave allows for easy, one-handed opening and reprocesses 2 cassettes or 12 pouches, delivering sterilized and dry wrapped instrument loads in as little as 27 minutes.


Designed with usability in mind, the STATIM B offers a number of smart features that can help improve automation in the sterilization process.

  • Efficient sterilization and drying
  • Compact and flexible design
  • Advanced water management
  • G4+technology connectivity, data logging & usability
  • Smart features for improved automation
  • Sophisticated safety devices
  • Serviceability engineer friendly
  • Compliancy compliant to en13060
  • Countertop or under the counter, steri-center installation.
  • G4 web portal includes data storage, service logs and remote access capabilities
  • Validated cycles to ensure repeatable washing performance
  • Improved serviceability, reliability and minimal maintenance requirements
  • Vivid color touch screen
  • Robust stainless steel exterior
  • USB port for data storage
  • Active hot air drying

STATMATIC cleans and lubricates straight to the bottom line:


  • Automatically cleans and maintains up to three handpieces. Cycle time is only 15 seconds per handpiece
  • Unique chuck care system
  • Chemical/physical cleaning with foaming care agent
  • Optimal lubricant coverage throughout the handpiece
  • Compressed-air connection: excess lubricant purging
  • Automated reproducable quality of care
  • Easy spray can insertion
  • Can coupling with unique safety valve
  • Absorption pad for excess lubricant

The way STATMATIC works is straight forward: just flip down the door, snap one, two or three handpieces onto the adapters, close the door, press the start button. Done.


STATMATIC offers great flexibility. It registers the number of handpieces connected to the couplings, whether it is one, two or three. The STATMATIC comes with 2 E-type and 1 multiflex coupling. Contact your dental dealer for other coupling options.


Improved working life of your handpieces through efficient cleaning and lubrication – saving you time and money.


Technology that’ll make a splash in your practice!

  • Eliminates water contaminants
  • Vaporizes tap water to kill and remove 99% of most contaminants
  • Protects your equipment
  • AQUASTAT produces the pure water necessary for autoclave sterilization in your office
  • The fast distilling and energy efficient AQUASTAT processes 3.78 litres (1 gallon) of distilled water in just 4.25 hours, with very low power consumption


Simply plug it in, fill with tap water and switch on.


SciCan’s AQUASTAT distiller allows you to forget about buying expensive bottled water or risking damage to your equipment from poor quality distilled water. A patented energy saving design with unique distillation technology kills harmful bacteria and viruses by vaporizing water and then reconstituting it through condensation. The result is water that’s 99% free of most contaminants.


A powerful one-step cleaner and disinfector.



  • Superior cleaning performance
  • Economical
  • Safe
  • Fast
  • Broad spectrum sanitizing
  • Available in liquid or wipes format


It was never stable enough to be practical as the foundation for a system of commercial disinfectant cleaners until accelerated hydrogen peroxide (AHP) was developed. AHP is the active ingredient in OPTIM 33 TB, which is made of a blend of commonly used, safe ingredients. When these ingredients are combined with low levels of hydrogen peroxide, it produces exceptional potency as a germicide and performance as a cleaner.


How effective is OPTIM 33 TB?

Norwalk-like viruses (Feline Calicivirus), the Polio virus and even the common cold virus (Rhinovirus) are resistant to many surface disinfectants. But OPTIM 33 TB Surface Cleaner & Intermediate Level Disinfectant kills them all in one minute.


It also has a one minute claim against: Mycobacterium terrae, Human Coronavirus (SARS), HIV-1, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Avian Influenza (Bird Flu), Salmonella, E.Coli, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus aureus MRSA and other viruses & bacteria*, and can achieve a 99.999% broad-spectrum kill of vegetative bacteria in 30 seconds!


Chemical disinfection for critical instruments and devices that cannot be autoclaved.



  • Economical
  • Safe for staff and the environment
  • No fume hoods required as with Glutaraldehyde
  • Fast acting
  • For chemical sterilization and high level disinfection


OPTIM CS is a rapid and ready-to-use solution designed for chemical sterilization and high level disinfection of critical and semi-critical instruments, and devices that cannot be autoclaved.


- Why use OPTIM CS?
The fastest product on the dental market for chemical sterilization, OPTIM CS completes effective sterilization in 20 minutes. It’s a ready-to-use solution where the active ingredient is 7% hydrogen peroxide, so it’s safe for staff and for the environment when used in accordance with the instructions on the label.


  • Contains corrosion inhibitors
  • Effective in 5% soil load with cleaning efficacy
  • No glutaraldehydes, no alcohol, no peracetic acid
  • No VOCs (volatile organic compounds)


OPTIM CS is compatible with acrylic, silicone rubber, low and high density plastics, stainless steel and mild steel instruments. And its long shelf life means you can use the amount you want when you need it – for up to 12 months. (Indicator test strips are also available.)


OPTIM CS is biodegradable and decomposes to water and oxygen within moments of being properly discharged into a drainage system. Its AHP Technology (accelerated hydrogen peroxide) is also the first and only disinfectant technology approved and certified by EcoLogo – Environmental Choice Program.