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E-Eye: Long-lasting solution for dry eye management using patented IRPL® technology

E-Eye is the first medical device in the world using IRPL® (Intense Regulated Pulsed Light) that has been specifically designed for the treatment of dry eye due to Meibomian glands dysfunction (MGD).

How does it work?

E-Eye does not directly affect the Meibomian glands. Its action is indirect. The “flashed” areas (buborbital and zygomatic region) are the areas where the parasympathetic nerve passes.

It has been proven in several neurological studies that the emission on a nerve of infrared as a train of pulses leads to the creation of a micro gradient of temperature between the inner and the outer layer of the myelin sheath.

This micro gradient of temperature triggers the liberation of neurotransmitters. Automatically, the parasympatic nerve is connected to the Meibomian glands by some of its branches. The neurotransmitters released will then be able to interact with the glands, stimulating the secretion and the contraction of the latter.

As a result the dry lipid layer will have a natural flow of lipid and the tears evaporation will be reduced, preventing the eyes to get dry. The Meibomian glands will return to their normal functions.

The latest IRPL® technology

E-Eye is a medical device that has been specifically designed for treating dry eye syndrome due to MGD.

It generates an Intense Regulated Pulsed Light by producing perfectly calibrated and homogeneously sequenced light pulses. The sculpted pulses are delivered under the shape of train pulses. The energy, spectrum and time period are precisely set to stimulate the Meibomian glands in order for them to return their normal function. E-Eye is a tool for treating and preventing dry eyes.


A revolution is born.

Designed to create a new standard for dry eye analysis with 2 completely new patented examinations (TFSE® & OSIE®).

tearcheck provides the following exams:

OSIE® – Ocular Surface Inflammatory Evaluation

TFSE® – Tear Film Stability Evaluation

NIBUT – Non-Invasive Breakup Time




OSDI questionnaire

ABORTIVE BLINKING (not yet accessible)

Unique usability

  • Touchscreen display
  • Fully automatic
  • Wireless use
  • Wireless data transfer & print

Brand new technology

2 high-resolution cameras inside providing top sharp and high-resolution images and videos to allow fast and clear examinations.
Designed and developed – made in France.