Color Vision is the premium brand of colored contact lenses manufactured by Vision Hitech, part of Medicals International Group (MIG) Holding and run by the renowned Pförtner family of contact lens artisans.


Color Vision employs the highest quality standards to ensure safety in manufacturing, as well as a process called micro-pigmentation which keeps the dyes intact from touching the eyes. Our tinting process leaves transparent parts in the colored area of the contact lens to merge with the wearer’s natural eye color.


Color Vision colored contact were created with the iris anatomy in mind, bringing the wearer the best of both worlds: A stylish look with comfort that lasts all day long, all while looking natural.


Color Vision is manufactured in Porto Alegre, Brazil and comes in 6 dazzling colors available in plain and prescription powers: Green, Gray, Dark Gray, Blue Gray, Blue and Hazel!


  • Monthly Replacement
  • Cast Molded - Made of HEMA 55 – Hydrophilic
  • Superior Comfort achieved by 55% Water Content and Low Modulus of 0.25
  • Wear Schedule for more than 14 hours
  • Available in Prescription Powers (Plus and Minus): Minus powers -0.5 to -15 (in steps of 0.25 until -6, steps of 0.5 until -10, and steps of 1 until -15) + Plus powers +0.5 to +12 (in steps of 0.5 until +10 and steps of 1 until +12)
  • Diameter 14.20, Base Curve 8.60